Re-Keying a lock

Re-Keying a lockIf you have moved into a new house here is a list of things you need to know about re-keying before you call your locksmith.

  1. Rekeying is changing a lock hence permitting an alternate key to work on it. Rekeying is done when a proprietor might be worried that unapproved individuals have keys to the locks. Rekeying is the generally a straightforward procedure of changing the tumbler or wafer arrangement of the locks accordingly. Rekeying is managed without substitution of the whole locks.
  2. An expert locksmith can play out this procedure that will render all past keys that were issued or have fallen into the wrong hands. This involves having an exceptional re-keying kit and an excellent skilled labor to carry out the process.
  3. The process has quite some steps like removing the exterior doorknob, removing the lock cylinder, removing the cylinder retainer ring, and taking out the cylinder plug, taking out the old pins and inserting the new one. Reassemble the lock when it is done.
  4. Not all locks are very convenient to re-key because all locks are programmed in their distinct ways. If your locksmith tells you that you have a certain kind of padlock that cannot be re-keyed please trust them. Don’t lose the keys to these kinds of locks because the only option then is to cut through them.
  5. There are different methods for different locks, for example the process of rekeying a car lock can be very different from re-keying the locks that we usually have at our houses.
  6. You may want to know something extra to have a better outlook on re-keying. You may need to delicately grease up the locks when you supplant the pins. To avoid losing springs and upper pins in the event, work over a high-differentiate surface or over a bowl or dish that will keep the locks parts in the process from dropping out.
  7. One should be very vigilant while using a duplicate key in the process of rekeying. Duplicate keys damage comparatively sooner, they can cause key cut discrepancies during the process this causes the problems in the cylinder hence it should be avoided. A re-key guide by Schalage, suggests to the people who are availing locksmith service,“ to have additional keys made with the correct key cuts so they have a new key that functions smoothly in the rekeyed lock.” So if your locksmith tells you to get additional keys made, don’t doubt his knowledge.
  8. This is a good idea if you moved in a house that has been with another person before, if they have the keys to the house, all locks become highly accessible for Sometimes being the indecisive human beings that we are, we often are not able to decide between changing or rekeying locks. Much of the time and cost for rekeying locks can be less then discarding the old locks and purchasing new locks. So re-keying your locks? Definitely a smart option.

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